A letter from her GEM – an excerpt

Several things are happening around both of us and I think I’ve come to realize how difficult it will be to continue the long distance relationship in a way that we both had hoped for.

Part of it has to do with why I came back on the dating site. I was really frustrated that I couldn’t seem to connect with anyone I’ve met here for several years. It’s complicated but I ended up starting the new singles group at about the same time I went back on CB. I have been just going thru the motions with the group and only been worried about everyone else being comfortable and happy. Since then, several ladies in the group have become interested in me and made more and more comments to let me know just that. Some of them I might otherwise be interested in too at a different time. Anyway, this has become increasingly apparent to everyone in the group that I am avoiding “interest” and many are asking why I started the group if I’m not interested in the same things as everyone else… I kind of feared this when you and I first met and those fears are coming true… It’s not like I’m surprised, because I saw it coming… but didn’t see it coming this soon…

Then I see you in a pic with a foreigner with his arm around you and I get jealous. But realize, How must you feel when you see all the pics of me in similar situations??? So I do something stupid like click “like” on the picture and not say anything…. Duh!! That’s a little passive aggressive I think?? And then my mind wanders… How can we be this far apart, both being as social as we are… without those things happening? And no end in sight until we can permanently be together? And all the things that are in the way of our being together being up in the air for who knows how long? It just doesn’t seem fair to either of us?

I hope you know I am 100% sincere in everything I have ever…

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