The Fish Hook

Three days after she signed up at CB, he faved her. She clicked his photo and noticed a familiar looking face. She scrolled down to read his profile and she remembered. He was this man whose smile really caught her attention. She wanted to send him a smile, a chat message, and an email then. She wanted to fave him but thought it was pointless as his subscription has already expired. He was this man, and she couldn’t believe he faved her!

She sent him a thank you email for adding her to his favorites. He replied saying he couldn’t resist because she is so adorable. That started the what seemed to be an endless exchange of emails with an increasing intensity of excitement. He was close to not renewing, but then he loved reading what she wrote in her profile. He was looking for exactly the same. They were both eager to know more about each other, and they simply couldn’t get enough of each other. He used to wonder whether someone was right for him, but with her, he wondered how can he be everything she wants and needs and whether he can. He’s been thinking of her nonstop since they met. His close friends have even heard a lot about her at that early stage. And she felt exactly the same way. They really hit it off right away. Maybe it was fate. He was falling pretty hard for her that if she was fishing, she’d have the hook set in his mouth and it was just a matter of reeling him in.

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